Monday, April 10, 2006

Asp.Net 2.0 refresh-less wizard

In Asp.Net 2.0 Microsoft was release Wizard Web Server Control, also you can find Wizard Web Server Control Overview. However if you will try this you will see that for every page it need postback. Even for quick connections this will cause flickering and so on. Good news that we have clear solution for this...

We will use another Microsoft’s product called Atlas, this is cool AJAX framework. We will use UpdatePanel. You may simply wrap wizard control with update panel. This is mostly all ;)).

To avoid misunderstandings you may be familiar with all this stuff. For example if you will click finish button and change something on the page, this will not show on client. I mean that update panel can only change something that is inner it. However in most cases this is not a problem. For example when clicking on the Finish button in my application code will save something in database and then redirect to another page.


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