Saturday, April 01, 2006

IE7 and standards

As you know Internet Explorer 7("IE7") is new version of the Microsoft's browser. One of the keyed features of it is support of the standards. Okay this is great, however it still does not have even full CSS2 support (I am not say about CSS3 at all). What this mean for developers? Yes you are right. This means that in the list of the browsers like Gecko, Opera and IE we need to add... IE7! Now IE7 does not properly renders sites that was designed for IE6 and it still does not properly renders standard compliance sites. Great!

But let take view in the nearest future. What Microsoft can add in the IE8? Of course more security, but we do not talk about security; they adding it in the every version. Other features are already here (I mean tabs, png, rss). I think they will add more standard compliance. And what we will have? Yes! We will have to add additional browser in our developer list.

Hope at least IE8 will have standard compliance rendering.


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