Wednesday, April 05, 2006

DSL tools. New paradigm of the programming?

Firstly short intro. DSL tools provide functionality to build languages that can completely replace UML languages. But DSL can do many more. One of the keyed features is Code Generation. Theoretically this is great idea.

For example in the DSL tools you can find sample of the Wizard DSL Language. With this language you can draw diagram of the wizard pages and then generate many code. Okay templating and code generation is great. But what we have. With standard development process we use base class that has most functionality and then we derive custom classes and add functionality we need. Possible that someone will think that this is easier to add code from the base class to the template and then generate all. Hope you are not from this "someone". This is wrong way. And you may understand that in most cases you will not be able to regenerate all code. So if in your code will be issue you will not be able to fix this in one place.

Other thing that I think that this is great way to automate database developing. Somebody may create language for the database. Possible that Microsoft will do this or someone else. However I will try this in nearest future.


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